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Rate. Review. Debate.

Beezer allows you to rate and review movies, TV shows and music. You can join your friends and you will create new like-minded friends, through Beezer, based on your own personal tastes. Download and Share now to see for yourself!

Create or join a group of friends. And then, watch it grow.

Beezer allows you to have a dynamic group of friends, which changes, depending on the likes/dislikes of each individual. So you will know who to go to the cinema or to a gig, or just sit in and binge watch your favourite series with! Beezer is also a great way to meet new friends who you know will have the same great tastes as you do.

Rate and review all your favourite movies, TV shows and music. All in one place.

From Hollywood to Abbey Road studios, from Ancient Rome to a galaxy far, far away – there is no end to the available options from the online databases used by Beezer. Whatever your tastes, let’s start reviewing and debating!

No more wasting valuable time trying to decide what to watch or listen to.

Beezer takes the pre-work out of your precious watching or listening hours. With accurate recommendations from a group of friends who know what you like, you won’t be disappointed with your choice.

Chat with friends within Beezer to ignite the debate.

Whether you agree or disagree isn’t the point. The point is you’re right! So let your friends know who is the real Godfather, the smartest Mastermind or the best Beatle. And, if you need some backup – Beezer lets you tag friends to join in the debate!

Those special ones you just keep coming back to.

Beezer automatically saves all of your most loved classics. So, with a swipe of your finger, you will know what to do – whether you’re looking to get blown away again, or if you’re looking for a nostalgia hit.

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